School Remodeling Begins

Andrew Keech

As the school year closes Principal Richard Kramer and Football Coach Dennis Grayless are executing their plans to remodel the entire weight room and locker room over the summer.

Already in progress the construction workers have been piling into the school and started reconstructing the weight room.

“Walls are going to be torn down,” Kramer said. “The entire girls locker room will be turned into a cardio center for athletes with windows and everything.”

Along with the reconstruction of the weight room, the football players as well as basketball and baseball players are going to have a new locker room.

The workers are going to start after Memorial Day next week. There will be new lockers with new additions to the room, including a coach’s room with a window, an athletes meeting room and completely new showers and bathrooms in the back.

“We have had a lot of problems with theft in the past with the old lockers,” Grayless said. “That will almost be impossible this next school year with the new safety features on these new lockers.”

Kramer also said that there would be brand new tile on the upstairs floor next to the Math-U and down the hallway from room 223 to room 201.

During the reconstruction, students who are taking summer weights will have weights in the Multi-Purpose Room.

Kramer said that if things will go according to plan, the remodeling will be done by next school year.

“I’m very exited,” Kramer said. “It is going to be fantastic. Next year’s seniors and incoming kids are going to love the new additions to our school. I’m ecstatic to see their reactions.”