iPhone 8 vs. iPhone X

Zeva Rose Gebhard

Apple’s newest iPhone family is now in the hands of SM North’s students.

“I was wanting the new iPhone 8 since I had the iPhone 5S before,” Junior Aya Alsaid said, “I realized that the new updates that were coming in were making my phone slower and causing it to glitch.”

Alsaid needed to upgrade her phone and decided to purchase the iPhone 8 instead of the iPhone X since it was so much cheaper. Alsaid explains that the iPhone 8 was a better upgrade since it’s similar to the phone she had prior.

“I wasn’t really fond of the new technological advances with the X,” she continued, “The iPhone X is just a lot harder to figure out since people don’t know what it’s like yet.

Alsaid explains what it’s been like owning the new iPhone 8,

“Well, I actually think it’s pretty cool,” Alsaid explains, “Because the camera is so up to date it’s really high quality.”

The iPhone 8 Plus features two cameras running horizontal to the phone rather than the iPhone X which has it’s camera’s now vertical. Also, both phones feature new glass backs for wireless charging.

“It’s really cool with the new back case,” Alsaid says, “It’s this special glass that’s kind of rose gold pastel color that I think is really pretty.” Alsaid has a Gold iPhone 8 Plus.

While some students are excited over Apple’s new launch, Others aren’t thrilled,

“I’ve just never liked Apple products in general,” Senior Lucas Cristofani says, “Since Apple keeps making new iPhones, It’s just not money efficient for me to keep buying new phones to be updated on everything.”

Cristofani doesn’t own an iPhone and instead says he’s been fine with the same Android phone for years.

Unlike Apple, he finds android phones to be more simple to use when finding apps and everything else on the phone.