Assassination Classroom Review


Tevin Oller

A schoolhouse? Check. Students? Check. Tests? Check. Physical Education? Check. A teacher who looks like a yellow octopus that can fly at Mach 20? Wait, what?

This is the situation that students at Kunugigaoka Junior High School have to deal with on a daily school day. Did I mention that it also blew up 70% of the moon into a crescent shape.

For whatever reason it decides that it wants to teach at class 3-E at Kunugigaoka and the world governments have to agree. With it’s job there the government of Japan decide to send in Karasuma and hosts of other would be killers and assassins to teach the students how to assassinate the world’s biggest threat. At class 3-E they give the octopus a name, Koro-Sensei aka the unkillable teacher. The series follows the students mission to not only kill Koro-Sensei but their growth from being the “end” class to developing into more complete people.

Assassination Classroom essentially looks at some of the problems that plague most middle schools and high schools and shows them as what they truely are but with a little sense of humor. Also, the humor is actually really good. It feels like every episode I watched or every chapter I read, I was laughing at something they said or did. Assassination Classroom’s story makes you be at the edge of your seat with its almost everyday life of students, a lot of students people could probably make connections to. And the story, yeah you’re not going to see what happens next a lot of times. Also, anything that makes knowing about Catcher in the Rye cool, you know there is great writing here.