Kyle Richardson

Northman Nominee

What does being a Northman nominee mean to you 

It means so much to me to be nominated as Northman. I’ve always wanted to be nominated for this award since freshman year. I truly hope that the nomination speaks for itself and that I have set a good example for my peers. 

Over your time at SMN, what activities have you been involved in? Which one has been the most influential to you?

I have been involved in Soccer, Basketball, Track, NHS, FMP, and Student Council over my 4 years at North.

What has been your favorite memory at SMN?

Definitely one of my favorite memories from my time at SMN was after I fell over a hurdle in my 300-meter hurdle race at the regional track meet my Junior year. The reason that this is my favorite memory is because this is the epitome of what pain in my life has taught me. After I fell I felt as if a whole season of hard work had gone to waste because I would not be going to the state meet. But my uplifting teammates and mentors around me taught me something invaluable, that every failure is to be taken as a learning opportunity that we can use to better ourselves. When we choose to learn from our mistakes we can become better than we ever thought we could be. Our failures do not define us, it’s what we chose to do about them that does.

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