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Indian Lore is the school’s literary and art magazine that showcases student work, both visual artwork and writing. Language arts teacher Kate Miner is in charge of the magazine, and says that they really started putting the magazine together two weeks ago.

“We have things like poetry, essays, and short stories for writing. We’ve got photography, paintings, sketches, and sculpture, even some jewelry that’s photographed and put in it,” she said. They hoped to get the magazine finished by yesterday, Monday April 24.

Junior Kelsey Gibbs tries to come in every day after school to work on the magazine.

“We’re making individual copies, and then once we’re all done using every single submission we’re going to use, we’re going to put it all together into one big book,” she said. Afterwards, they will fix up the loose ends and send it off to the printer.

Freshman Aiden Miner is the publicist for Indian Lore.

“Making a lot of the posters to advertise was really fun for me,” he said. He’s eager to see the magazine published.

Junior Krysta Reynolds just joined Indian Lore this semester, but already loves it.

“I really enjoy being here,” she said. “It’s a good environment, and I like the people; it’s amazing.”

At the moment, Reynolds is working on the inside cover of the magazine–editors notes, details about the magazine and other information.

Beyond the magazine and the environment, friendship is a unanimous asset for the members.

“I love the friendships that it brings,” Gibbs said, adding that even though the number of members in Indian Lore has dwindled since the beginning of the year, she is still friends with many of the people who are now too busy to come.

What is the best part of Indian Lore? “Being in the welcoming environment,” Reynolds said. “Everyone here, they allow me to kind of be myself, and I’m not afraid to express myself and my designs.”

Indian Lore magazines are usually pre-ordered during fee payment, but extras will be available for sale when the magazines come in near the end of the year.

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