All about enrollment

SMN counselor gives an inside look into the enrollment process

With schedule changes coming up soon, students have a few choices to make regarding their classes next year. Here is an inside look on how the process will work.

The enrollment process will start with a presentation to each grade level about how it will go and when students will be getting their enrollment cards. This will happen in early January, where you will get an enrollment card. These cards will be picked up between Jan. 22 and Jan. 30 depending on what grade a student is in.

According to Jordan Landis, an SM North counselor, the enrollment process is not something to be done blindly.

“You just want to think about what you are wanting to do after high school and choosing electives that help you reach that goal. For example, I have a student that’s interested in being a graphic designer, so I was recommending that he takes the digital design class,” said Landis. 

Although the deadline for schedule changes came and went, there are several reasons that you can change it after the deadline, according to Landis. 

“We’re limiting it to like if you fail the class first semester, making it so that we set you up for success second semester,” said Landis. Students can also change their schedule if they’re missing prerequisites, or if they would be more successful in a different level, such as a non-honors, class.

If students mess up enrollment or have a change of heart, it’s not the end of the world. They can email their counselor or set up an appointment with their counselor by going to student services.

“Yeah, if something comes up, you could email your academic counselor. So on the North website, we split our kids by alphabet. So by your last name, it will tell you who your academic counselor is,” said Landis.