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Northman Winner 2018

photo by Aaliyah Lee

photo by Aaliyah Lee

photo by Aaliyah Lee

Grace Altenhofen, Writer

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Cameron Peck was named 2018 Northman during halftime of the boys basketball game on Feb. 9. 

First runner up was Luke Goff and second runner up was Ike Diggs.

“I was honored that the student body had voted on someone like me,” Peck said. “I didn’t expect it, and I think that all the boys that were up there and even more that weren’t in that group deserved to be recognized just as much as I did.”

Northman nominees included Reese Sila, Michael Her, Ben Tyrrell, Josh Bartlett, Cameron Heying, Brahm Berry, Cameron Peck, Adrian Garcia, Luke Guthrie, Juan Lobo, Luke Goff and Ike Diggs.


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Northman Winner 2018