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2015-16 Senior Information

Carina Smith

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For incoming seniors, there’s a lot they need to know as they prepare for the 2015-16 school year. As students prepare for post-graduation plans, the counselors in Student Services are available to answer any questions that they may have.

“The best resource for students is Student Services,” counselor Elva Samaniego said. “We have everything from college visits to graduation sheets.”

Incoming seniors will need to prepare for post-high school plans as early as possible, starting with looking at their graduation check sheet to see what they need to be enrolled in for the school year. Senior counselor Nancy Hadley is available for incoming seniors to meet with and discuss their plans for next year and after high school.

“Make an appointment with Ms. Hadley as soon as possible,” Samaniego said. “She has the information that seniors will want and need.”

The credits that students have already earned can be found on Skyward under “Academic History”. Incoming seniors are advised to look at it to double check and make sure they have all of the credits they should up to this point.

“Review the graduation sheet, make sure your transcript is in shape,” assistant principal Brock Wenciker said. “Just make sure everything is set for the fall semester.”

The company that North will be purchasing caps and gowns from will change, though it hasn’t been decided, but they are still going to be purchased at enrollment in the fall.

The picture company for senior photos will change to Inter-State Studio. Senior photos for the yearbook will be done at school in September.

“There will be a flyer (about pictures and packages available) passed out in English classes two weeks before picture day,” journalism advisor Becky Tate said. “But it will be so nice for seniors to take their finals photos here at North.”

For more information, check out Student Services webpage:

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2015-16 Senior Information