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SMN Business Professionals of America Students Received National Recognition

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Shawnee Mission North’s Business Professionals of America students received national recognition in their events at the National Leadership Conference in Indianapolis. The Presentation Management Team, consisting of Hannah Merrell, Sawyer Goldizen, Skyler Barker and Cody Cress, were finalists in their event and awarded on stage Saturday with 8th place in the nation! This event required them to use current desktop technologies and software to prepare and deliver an effective multimedia presentation on leadership.

Along with that Cody Cress also was a national finalist and made it to stage with a 10th place finish in the country in Human Resource Management. Cody was given a topic concerning a human resource issue and then had 30 minutes to assess an interpretation of personnel policies and present conclusions to a panel of judges.

Walter Wright also represented North in PC Servicing and Troubleshooting and was awarded 11th in PC Servicing and Troubleshooting and 16th in National Merit Scholar.

Hannah Merrell, Sawyer Goldizen and Cody Cress were recognized for National Ambassador Torch Award Recipients for Leadership!

Lorie Blevins, Business teacher, sponsors the BPA students.

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SMN Business Professionals of America Students Received National Recognition