North Lifeguard Saves Life at Sylvester Powell Community Center

Andrew Keech

On Dec. 3, junior Sean Keller stood watching the pool while working his shift as a lifeguard at Sylvester Powell Community Center with North alumnus Mike Relic. They were watching the pool as they noticed an elderly man stumble poolside. That caught their attention. A few seconds later when the man fell over and passed out they immediately took the precautions they were taught and began performing CPR on the man.

“I thought he was dead at first,” Keller said. “Me and Mike were very surprised and relieved to see him sit up.”

This story was told to Associate Principal Brock Wenciker who then relayed it to Associate Principal Eric Rembold. He later addressed Keller at the Northman Assembly.

“I thought it was an important thing to tell students about,” Rembold said. “We have a lot of kids who are CPR certified and lifeguards, but this young man took action and he deserved to be recognized.”

Although Keller was happy about the treatment from North, he still feels it wasn’t anything special.

“I don’t feel different,” Keller said. “I think anyone would have done the same thing. I’m not a hero. I just did my job. The fame is nice, but I still have to go to work every day and try just as hard.”

Keller said he didn’t notice anything different from his peers, but other students have shown that they are very appreciative of his story and actions.

“I think it’s awesome,” said junior Taylor Edwards. “Some people don’t see it the same way, but he did a great thing and should be proud.”

Keller said he plans on continuing his job at Sylvester Powell and working to be a good role model to students.