Truth or Dare Movie Review

On Friday the Thirteenth Blumhouse Productions released ‘Truth or Dare?’ and the film made $18,667,855 opening weekend. The movie has a very simple premise: answer a question truthfully or you die, do your dare or you die. It plays off of the childhood game, you guessed it, truth or dare. However, it isn’t your regular game of truth or dare; it’s haunted. This movie could’ve been okay, but with all of the “scary scenes” shown in the trailer, you go in to the theater knowing what is about to happen. My least favorite part of this film was the cast. One of the main characters is Teen Wolf star, Tyler Posey. Though he isn’t a horrible actor, him as his character (Lucas) just wasn’t believable. Usually, when you don’t think a movie is scary, it’s funny to you. I’ve gone to many movies advertised as scary, just to get a good laugh. Truth or Dare isn’t scary, funny or even entertaining.